STEM & Interdisciplinary Science

Interestingly, STEM fields are leading the way on this issue. There are more and more fields making this shift — I link to spreadsheets maintained by scholars where I can. Please note, some STEM departments require the subject test, but not the general GRE. I am listing mostly departments that do not require either. Confirm a department’s practice before applying by visiting their website and let me know of spreadsheets I can include here!

Help me build this page — what programs did I miss?

Astronomy and Physics: see this (amazing) list of department admissions requirements

Biology and Biomedical Sciences: see this (amazing) list of departments which have dropped GRE or which are planning to do so. See also Ecology etc. below.

Chemistry: See THIS LIST; see also Biology and Biomedical Sciences: Emory; Michigan Technological University; Oregon State University (not req. for domestic students); Purdue; University of Hawai’i, Manoa; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor; Vanderbilt (Quantitative & Chemical Biology): Washington State University (Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering)

Computing and Computer Science: See THIS LIST.

Ecology and Environmental Science: SEE ALSO THE BIOMED LIST ABOVE – MANY MORE PROGRAMS ARE LISTED THERE and this PLANT-ASSOCIATED LIST HERE. Antioch University, New England (Environmental Studies); Brown University (Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences); Cornell (Plant Pathology and Plant-Microbe Biology); Dartmouth (Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystems, & Society); Iowa State University (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology); Princeton (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology); University of Arizona (Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology); University of California, Berkeley (Department of Environmental Science, Policy & Management); University of California, San Diego (Environmental & Ocean Science MA); University of California, Los Angeles (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology); University of Kansas (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology); University of Maryland (Marine Estuary Environmental Science); University of San Diego (Environmental & Ocean Science); University of Tennessee. Knoxville; (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology);  University of Vermont (The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources); Western Washington University

Engineering: Arizona State (MS & PhD in Electrical Engineering, for applicants w GPA above 3.0); Brown (ScM/Master in Biomedical Engineering, req. for PhD); Colorado University Colorado Springs (GRE not req. except for applicants not meeting minimum GPA, applying with degree from an ABET-accredited department, and degree from university outside US); Harvard (optional); MIT (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science); University of Idaho (Civil Engineering); University of Nebraska-Lincoln (MEM); Washington State University (Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering)

Food Science: McGill (Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry, not required but recommended)

Geoscience: See #GEOGRExit crowd-sourced database!

Information: University of California, Berkeley; University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Mathematics and Statistics: See this field-based list! Brown University (subject test recommended); Georgetown (Masters in Math/Statistics); Lehigh University (not required but “helpful”); Montana State University; University of California, Berkeley (Statistics); University of Minnesota (general GRE optional; subject test “strongly recommended”); University of Pittsburgh (Statistics MA); University of Waterloo Canada; Washington State University (Statistics); Yale University (Statistics and Data Science).

Public Health: See this spreadsheet.

Clinical/Counseling Psychology:  SEE THIS SPREADSHEET


Other/Interdisciplinary: Rockefeller University; Dartmouth Psychological and Brain Science or Cognitive Neuroscience

2 thoughts on “STEM & Interdisciplinary Science

  1. The University of Wisconsin-Madison is beginning to remove their GRE requirements. The botany Ph.D. program is moving toward removing it.


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