This website lists PhD programs which do not require GRE scores. This is an ongoing project.

Many departments that require GRE scores do not rely on them in admissions — they ask for them because their campus requires it. More and more departments are initiating the process of revising departmental and university requirements.

This information makes it easier for more departments to move away from using GRE scores and allows applicants in some fields to avoid taking this test altogether.

Applicants should confirm this information by consulting department websites themselves. A number of departments do not require GRE scores but signal that they are nevertheless helpful and in some cases necessary in order for applicants to be considered for campus-wide fellowship awards. Consult the section of a department’s website dedicated to applying to the PhD program to learn more, and email the department’s grad admissions staff if their policy re GREs is not clear. 

Share information about programs I’ve missed by commenting on the site. Thank you!

Background Reading —

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Julie R. Posselt: Inside Graduate Admissions: Merit, Diversity, and Faculty Gatekeeping

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Rochester Institute of Technology: GRE fails to identify successful PhD students

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